Geo Thermal Heating

Unlock the potential of the earth’s natural energy with a geo thermal heating system from Rosetta Group, offering a sustainable and efficient way to heat your Hobart home or commercial premises.

Why Rosetta

What is Geo Thermal Heating?

Geo Thermal heating is a highly specialist area to ensure quality, efficient and reliable system. Rosetta Group can provide geo thermal home heating solutions to residents of Hobart, harnessing the stable temperatures of the earth to create consistent and comfortable indoor environments. Geo thermal heating, through geothermal heat pumps and systems, taps into the Earths natural heat energy beneath the surface and into the core, providing a reliable source of heat. This natural heat is then transferred to your home via a heat exchanger, offering an energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional heating methods. Interested in a renewable source of energy for your heating needs? Contact us to explore geo thermal heating solutions.

Geo Thermal Hydronic Heating

Geo thermal hydronic heating is a contemporary approach that combines the benefits of geothermal energy with the efficiency of hydronic systems. Utilising a geothermal hydronic heat pump, this system circulates warm water through underfloor pipes or radiators, providing a fabulous even and effective source of heating. Perfect for those looking for an environmentally friendly heating option, our geo thermal hydronic heating systems offer quiet operation and consistent temperatures, suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Our geothermal heat pump systems are designed to meet a variety of heating requirements, from residential to commercial buildings. These systems use underground heat exchanger pipes to absorb thermal energy from the ground, which is then used to heat water or air to heat your space. Geothermal heat pump systems are known for their high heat pump performance, utilising the consistent ground temperature for maximum efficiency. Whether it's heating in winter or cooling in summer months, our systems ensure a temperature-controlled environment.

Benefits of Geo Thermal Home Heating

Choosing geo thermal home heating system means enjoying numerous benefits, including lower operating energy costs. As a renewable source of energy, geothermal solutions are not only environmentally friendly but also provide a variety of options available including abilty to heat pools, residential, commercial and industrial spaces. With geothermal heating, you can expect consistent temperatures, regardless of the ambient temperature outside.

comprehensive solution

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Rosetta Group specialises in both geothermal heating and cooling systems, a comprehensive solution for maintaining comfortable air temperatures in your home or commercial premises year-round. These systems provide both heating in the colder months and cooling during peak summer temperatures. With their ability to harness renewable energy sources, they offer significant savings on running costs. The difference in temperature from the ground source to the heating output is managed efficiently, ensuring reliable heating and cooling at peak efficiency. Choose Rosetta Group for an all-in-one geothermal heating and cooling system that meets your temperature range needs while being energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Looking for a reliable and efficient solid fuel boiler in Hobart? Contact Rosetta Group for expert advice and installation services. Choose from our WIDE RANGE OF BOILERS, including hydronic, biomass, and automated systems, to find the perfect heating solution for you.