If you are in need of any handyman or building maintenance task throughout Hobart, you need Rosetta Group. We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services, backed by a professional team with extensive experience in managing both simple and complex projects. Our team specialises in ensuring turnkey solutions for any task you require. Whether you don’t have the time, the tool, the knowhow or simply would like a lending hand, Rosetta Group can assist. We can assist from renovating your house through to hanging a picture. Call us to find out how our expert team can assist you today.


Rosetta Group provides a complete range of residential handyman and building maintenance services to Hobart residents. Our experienced team handles everything from routine maintenance to more complex building projects, we can assist with any project you may require. Whether it’s repair services or regular upkeep, we offer effective solutions with a focus on customer experience and satisfaction. We also provide landscaping and outdoor maintenance services, plastering, painting, paving, and much much more. If you require reliable and skilful handyman and building maintenance services, contact Rosetta Group today.


Rosetta Group specialises in commercial property maintenance services throughout Hobart, catering to a wide range of commercial properties. Our experienced team is skilled at managing complex projects, from minor repairs to extensive building maintenance. We understand the unique needs of commercial properties and provide effective solutions to maintain and enhance their value. Our expert team is highly skilled in all tasks from small to extensive, ensuring all aspects of your property are kept in top condition. Need a reliable building maintenance company for your commercial property? Contact us today for quality service, expertise and reliability.